Bear was 9 years old when we adopted him from Humane Animal Rescue. He was immediately loveable and sweet and fit well into our home. He was also extremely anxious and reactive whenever we left the house, particularly toward other dogs. We tried standard training, and though he learned to follow all of the commands, he could not control himself in the presence of stimuli. The trainers suggested putting him on Prozac, and then our vet also suggested Trazodone. So when we went to Dasia, our little 19 lb Bear was on 250 mg Trazodone and Prozac each day!

He boarded with Dasia and her dogs for a month and he came home a different little guy. Dasia got him off of all of the medication he was on, and helped him develop self reliance and confidence. Now Bear can self-regulate, calming himself down in anxious situations (such as when we are outside and around other dogs). He is more playful and is clearly a happier little guy. We are much happier, too! 

The changes we see him Bear are amazing, way beyond anything we thought we would see. My husband and I continue to work with Bear every day, and Dasia is there for us to answer questions as they pop up.

Bear (Dr. Hatala)


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