$30 per walk | 2 walks for $25

These walks will be off leash depending on the training level of the dog. Dogs that do not have a reliable recall will be kept on a long line while we work to get them there, safety is a top priority. The ultimate goal of training is freedom!


$30-$45 depending on length and location

Many of the problems dog owners experience with their dogs, from pulling to reactivity, happen on the walk. These outings are great for exposure, training, physical and mental stimulation for your dog. These one on one outings are great for dogs who need more attention and/or have difficulty working around other dogs. I will work on any behavior issues you have been experiencing, as well as anything I notice along the way. Your dog will return home happy and fulfilled, with new skills that will improve your lives together!


$25 per walk | 2 walks for $20 each

During these walks dogs will be kept primarily on leash and visit more populated areas. We will spend time working on their loose leash skills and proofing their commands around different distractions including each other. These groups are kept small to ensure each dog gets one on one attention